Amitis Alborz Aryana company (AAA-Co) started its own factory since 2008 in an area of about 21000sf near Tehran , the biggest commercial city Middle East .The company office is in the center of Tehran, a business located area close to subway and  easy access from every part of Tehran .Our main products are in pre mix powder for both hot and cold drinks ,Ice cream ,desert, Syrup powder etc. We are obligated to customer satisfaction with  special care to green marketing and social marketing with minimum damage to natural  environment .We believe to customer voice and try to observatory the market by rendering marketing research and cultural marketing to understand the needs and wants of every market segment .Our main markets are chain stores , coffee shops, HORECA ,where we try to fulfill different products and packaging . Our brand name is Batinook, it is an old Kurdish word meaning  Buttercup flower. Each and every product shift passes through a quality ? control inspection and we are strictly believe in R&D and hygenus premissus